Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Nominated! Wooohoooooo!

I just found out this morning that I have two nominations in the RORR polls.

Best Romance Author of 2007
Best Romance Book of 2007

You do have to join the group to vote, but you can mark it for no email if you don't want to receive posts.

I also have word that my video for Crowning a Warrior King has been listed for the New Covey Trailer Awards
I am #9.
Voting will open either the last week of the month, or as soon as they have 30 videos. There is also their sister site,
for book covers. I submitted for the January listing, but it isn't posted yet.

Please go by these sites and vote! Even if you don't vote for me.
Thank you!

Edited to add:

Seems A Stroll in the Park is making a name for itself. It wasn't there earlier, so whoever nominated me, I owe you chocolate. :) I had no idea the story had the oomph to go so far.

I have also been nominated on the Preditors and Editors Romance Poll. The listing can be found here for the Best Romance Book of 2007, and here for the Best Author of 2007, but there are a lot of great names throughout the categories.

So please, take a minute and give your support to the authors, artists and publishing industry that we so love.

With many thank you's,

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