Monday, January 14, 2008

Release by Jennifer Leeland

"Taking Command" is up at Liquid Silver.

When Daniella Pearce travels through space to colonize the distant planet Asberek, she isn't prepared for the amount of tension she experiences. She hopes to find sexual relief in the Virtual Fantasy Room with no strings and no complications.

But Jake Tarune is no hologram and, despite knowing the physical and emotional risks, Daniella can't resist him. Her sexual tension increases as they explore her submissive limits and when Jake offers her the possibility of a real-world relationship, she is tempted. But when the colonization program is sabotaged, Jake is ordered to find the truth and Daniella is the primary suspect.

With the help of another Dom and submissive, they concoct a risky and risqué plan as they begin the hunt for a rogue soldier who wants Daniella dead and all of humanity with her. The question becomes whether Jake and Daniella will survive long enough to find trust in each other and find out if the computer program that tossed them together is right: Are they truly made for each other?

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Diana Castilleja
Best Selling Author
Romance that thrives in dark places

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Jennifer McKenzie said...

Bless you Diana. You rock.