Sunday, February 3, 2008

Another driving rant

Sorry, but I just have to. :(

1) Crossing the double yellow line from oncoming traffice to "freak me out" and hitting my fender is still your fault. (He didn't hit me, I moved over, but it only took looking at his car to know he didn't have insurance anyway. :( ... )

2) Stop signs are NOT conditional. You DO have to stop. Period. Slowing down enough to see if I'm going to stop and then cruising on through is not safe driving.

3) Passing on the shoulder or break down lane is not legal.
3.a) ACCELERATING to pass on the right shoulder break down lane because it's a no-passing zone or the vehicle in front of you isn't breaking the sound barrier in speed limits is heinous. You should be ashamed if you practice this.

4) Pretending you're the only driver on earth to enter a two lane highway and all but broadsiding a vehicle because you can't be bothered with obeying traffic movement is NOT my problem. Don't make me wish you to Hades for being an asinine driver, mkay??

5) Yawning while running right through a red light is not good driving.

6) When kids are on a sidewalk less than a foot from a main street on an unprotected sidewalk, for dog's sake, SLOW DOWN. (The irony: they have a metal guard on the opposite side to protect the cars from going into the drain, which fronts the church property. How nice. )

7) Just because it isn't a school zone doesn't mean you can do whatever speed you want. When the kids are there, SLOW DOWN. (We have a main street one block from the main elementary school. Only one school zone, on the state recognized street, three blocks over, not the main artery city street one block away where all the parents are coming and going. *sigh*)

8) Obey the speed limits in residential zones!! For all that is holy, kids play there!!

Okay, for the moment, that's all that I can think of this week that's happened. Yes, this is one week of watchful, bad driving all over. I'm not saying I'm a saint, I'm not. But I don't go out of my way (see #3) to break the law either. The driving in this state (and probably nationwide, wouldn't know for sure) is getting absolutely ridiculous.

There's more people here now, so of course you're going to see more bad driving, but I don't see that as a valid excuse at all.

I bet the drivers I saw doing #3 also kick puppies.

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Jennifer McKenzie said...

I hear you!!!! People WHIZ by my house in Suburbia. It sucks because my kids play out there and it's a bit scary.
You tell it sistah!