Saturday, February 23, 2008



The last few days, I've been stuck. Not in the mud, but close. I needed a conflict, or something to cause a problem in the story, but it went too smoothly between a rather large epiphany to a freaking huge character development... I needed something, a roadbump if you will between those two points.

So with a little help from the most awesomest in the world crit partner, I've figured it out!

Yep! I was trying to put it the problem a little bit too early for one. And I didn't have a reason for the conflict to begin with. I do now! And it's a whopper (with cheese and bacon! LOL). No one is happy when they feel their greatest achievement is being threatened. Well, I guess I'll know for sure when it's time to let the betas read, but still, it's more than I had a few hours ago, and believe me, I've been baking on this for about three days now.

Battle cry! The Year of the Agent! :)

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Toni Sue said...

Now I want a Whopper :)

Congrats on the breakthrough! Don'tcha just love the adreanaline rush???!!!