Sunday, February 17, 2008

Celebrating my next release!

And I'm giving a book away (or two or three) to do it!

Yep. The second McKenna book is coming soon and I'm holding a drawing for it. Since it's the second book to the twins' stories, FOR A TASTE OF CANDY, just email me the following for your name to be tossed in the hat. It's really easy!

Email to Diana.castilleja @ (no spaces)

Date of purchase:

What book:
A Stroll In The Park or Crowning A Warrior King (if you'd like to enter for both titles, just submit two entries, and you've twice the luck!)

Where you bought it?

Please put CONTEST in the subject line so the spam monster doesn't eat it. I'll be drawing the name at least a week before the release, so some lucky peoples are going to have a copy before it's released!

Good luck!

And here's a little teaser of the story. Enjoy!

Sean McKenna has been hiding in the U.S. now for almost two years, since his marriage exploded in front of his eyes. He stayed long enough to watch his own brother's life finally come together and then he had to escape from his homeland, Scotland, to get away from the memories of the deceit of his now ex-wife. After an unexpected attack from the most loving wolfhound he's ever had the courtesy of being licked by, he gets the first opportunity to heal his heart. But he's quickly called back home to oversee his family's domain when his twin brother is asked to speak on the teaching circuit over the summer.

Candy has a few loves in life. One of them is almost handed to her when she meets Sean, an honest to goodness Scotsman, who happens to know all about the castles of his homeland. Her other love is a lot harder to divulge but soon her secrets are Sean's, and without meaning to, she pulls Sean and his family into her world of magic, spells, and warlocks with a want for revenge.

Diana Castilleja
Best Selling Author
Romance that thrives in dark places

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