Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Help America's Second Harvest!

Get this!  Mario Batali and several celebrities got together and created this really cool cookbook.  It's free to download from the pasta sponsor's site and for every download, $1 goes to America's Second Harvest.  No gimmicks, no promo craziness, just really good recipes with a great benefit.  You can also change that $1 donation so that it benefits a food bank in your local area.  I'm a pasta NUT so I couldn't keep my greedy paws off of it!  ROFL. 


Here's the info from the site:


In Italy, all of life's moments are celebrated and shared around the table.  Just the basics are needed -- great food, family and friends, good conversation and laughter.

This year, we've asked 5 of America's favorite celebrities, one of the world's leading Italian chefs and the most prominent party planner in the U.S. to help us celebrate the Italian Table -- 6 different ways.

Stanley Tucci, Marisa Tomei, Debra Messing, Natalie Portman and Chris Daughtry shared their favorite pasta dishes with us.  Mario Batali recreated these dishes and developed a special menu for each party while David Tutera developed creative and stunning table designs to make each experience special.

 As we celebrate all that is special about the Italian Table, we also want to share with those less fortunate.  Please join the cause and support America's Second Harvest, so that everyone can enjoy a seat at the Italian Table.

Diana Castilleja
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Lauren Murphy said...

I downloaded it. The recipies look yummy!