Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One of those things I don't understand about cats

How do they do that?



Monday, August 25, 2008

This Week: In Diana's Head

ist1_6135370-heart-in-the-brain Sorry folks that I missed last week. Had a small catastrophe strike, but I hope we're moving past it now. So the latest for this week? I've joined the most awesome Crit group. Not only have they helped me with a story, they've helped restore a little of that "I know what I'm doing" feeling. Have really not been feeling that lately. I'm not sure if the story I have them reading will ever see the light of day. I'm not in that part of brain right now, so it makes it hard to focus on the revision suggestions.

So what have I been doing if I'm not "in"? I've been reading. Like a LOT. LOL I've read image, image (Runaway Cowboy. I know it's hard to see at that size),  image, and image. That's been my reading diet the last few days. Really all over the board, I know. I'm trying to make some kind of a dent in the TBR pile behind me. I counted. I also have 80+ books on the PDA to read. Yeah, I'm not short on reading material.

I do want to tell you to watch this blog and my announcement list, and anywhere I hang out in the near future. Why? Because I've got a contest coming to help celebrate my first print release!!! I can't wait to get this one out of the gate. It's so close I can taste it... Okay, maybe not. I don't guess print paper really tastes all that good. But I'm super excited!

So I guess that's about it for this week, in my head. It's a little dusty in here anymore. Should really do something about the dust bunnies, but they keep me company. LOL

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A very succinct explanation

Want to understand why e-piracy is bad? Go here...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

*sigh* I'm waffling

Badly, at that. normalwashingmachine

See, I have a dilemma. I have two books that I want to finish out of a pile of about six that I could finish. One is a fantasy, a full length, lush fantasy romance. Dragon guadians, planes (worlds, not the flying kind), sarcastic unicorns. The list could go on.

Then I have my *In a deep male voice-over affect* AGENT BOOK. Yeah, the one I've only been working on for the last two years. A shifter story that is intricate, and likely only the first to a strong series if I can ever get it done, and done well. It could be my ticket to an agent, and a NY publisher. Could be because even though I feel good about the book and the premise, I'm still realistic.

The thing is, there's a cover I wantwantwant for the fantasy. It's gorgeous. I want it. I mean I WANT IT! And he has to be done by October if I plan to get it. It is a work of art, simply stunning.

But then there's the agent book.

But then there's the fantasy.

They both have qualities to say which one should be first. Let's not even toss the edits I have into the barrel, but I guess in all fairness, we must. I have three books in different stages of edits right now. So they're distracting me. And the books I want to write are distracting me from the editing I need to do.

So I'm waffling. And I don't even get to play in the syrup. :(

What would you guys like to see? A fantasy romance with a sexy dragon guardian, or a shifter paranormal with certain twists that are NOT the norm?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008

This week: In Diana's Head

ist1_6135370-heart-in-the-brain  I had to bite the bullet and use an online calendar. I don't keep any program open enough for one to be really effective, except for Google. My schedule has been and will be nuts for the next several weeks. I'm participating in two Scavenger Hunts (TwoLipsReviews and Forbidden Publications) at the end of the month, and I'm going to do two anniversary parties, (Tease Publishing and Brenda Williamson) and then I have my regular chat schedule. Want to catch up with me? Check out the appearances page on my website. I keep that up to date. Stop laughing! I do! LOL

The good news of the week is the booking I've been postponing until I had confirmation of my book being on schedule is now set. THE ETERNAL KISS Hanged man small will be available as of September 15th, and I'll be doing a signing for this debut book here in San Marcos. I'll also be running a contest at the beginning of the month to help celebrate this release. The best thing to do is watch here for the announcement.

If you want the insider information, you can also join my newsletter This is a newsletter and announcement loop only. No spam, no Kielbasa either. ;) Yum... Kielbasa. Had that for dinner. :)

One more tidbit of good news... Tease Publishing has showed interest in a few more of my stories, but because of my current schedule with them, they will not be seen out again until 2010. I know. I'm sad about it too! So it's a bittersweet report. But that does mean that I will have a full roster with them for 2009. Like I said, bittersweet.

So that's the scoop for this week.  Catch ya' soon!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Release for Jennifer McKenzie!!

The Sequel “Edge Of The Storm” is OUT!!!!


On the run for crimes he didn’t commit, Coast Guard Petty Officer Matthew Sands comes home to Dutch Harbor to find the truth. Signing on to a crab fishing boat was supposed to hide him until he could clear his name; instead he finds even more trouble, in the form of one Kelly Shannon.

Kelly is looking for her own answers. She’s on the hunt for a killer who robbed her of the first, and only, man she’s ever loved. What she finds on The Athena is more questions than answers - and Matthew Sands.

With the passion between them as wild as the terrain, can Kelly and Matt work together to uncover a ruthless killer? Or will the murderer find them first?

On the edge of the storm, survival is far from guaranteed.

Available Now!!



Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quote of the day

I don't know who to give credit to for this one, but it seemed appropriate to me.

""Imaginaiton is the fuel of invention""

Friday, August 8, 2008

How publishing works

Warning: If you're informed, know the real truth about publishing, protect your keybord and don't drink while watching this video.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Release for M. G. Braden

Vampire Oracle: Harmony by M.G. Braden 



 Recently engaged, Kara Staten and Marc Brodeur are in love, and Kara has a brand new business. Life is good. When things start to unravel, they struggle for the harmony they once had. Unbeknownst to Kara, Marc’s a vampire trying to live a normal life. When her skincare salon produces a special serum that results in several fatal love bites, she doesn’t know where to turn. Hoping to keep her safe, Marc runs away. As their lives spin into separate paths, they find that what could tear them apart is the one thing that will ultimately keep them together.


Read an Excerpt Vampire Oracle: Harmony NOW available at Cobblestone Press


Content: Erotic Romance This title contains explicit language and graphic sex

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lord of the flies.

No, not the movie. Hardly.

This is about my son. He's six.

And he's terrified of flies. He runs from them. Won't go into his room if he sees one.

Please tell me this passes. He's the pillbug destroyer, but flies. Yeah, they have his number.

Diana Castilleja / Diana DeRicci
Best Selling Author

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The evolution of game night

It used to be, the family sat around to listen to the shows on the radio done LIVE. Then it was TV, then board games and card games... Now?

The Wii has struck.

Yep, we have one now. And surprisingly, I've played more on it since Saturday then I've played any video game in memory. I'm looking into getting the FIT, and I know the boy wants a driving game. He bought the wheel without even having a game for it yet. It was his allowance, his choice. Cart before the horse, I know, but it's what he wanted.

It's quite fun actually. The games take some getting used to, and the motion of it is NOT like anything else out there. There's a Mii, a cyber character you can create to be 'yourself' on the game as you go along. But I guess if it gives us a chance to do something as a family, if we're having fun, teaching the boy to be a good loser, because yeah, he's six, he loses a LOT, then... I guess it was worth the money.