Sunday, April 12, 2009

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And hopefully it will catch their attention. The SB's have begun a GoogleBomb campaign. Essentially the more links posted, the higher a search term appears when Googled.

The Term: Amazon Rank

From SBTB:

Amazon Rank

amazon rank
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): amazon ranked

1. To censor and exclude on the basis of adult content in literature (except for Playboy, Penthouse, dogfighting and graphic novels depicting incest orgies).

With more on their site here. A new definition has been made to exemplify Amazon's stupidity.


If you're not aware of what is happening (I wasn't until this morning), Amazon has decided to remove certain sectors of books from their search engines. Oh, if you dig you'll probably find it, or know each and every book title and author. But 1st and 2nd level searches? Nope, not there. BUT...BUT... You still might  stumble across the title in KINDLE! But not the paperback, or the hardback if there is one. They've effectively taken the books "off the shelf" and the only way you would be able to find one is to ask for it at the counter, if the counter person knew they had them. Many are finding the only way to find their own books is to do a hopscotch search through other books to locate them because they are not showing up even with their own name entered. And forget publisher searches. Entire publisher lists have been removed from the Amazon search engine.

If you want more information on this henieous attempt at deliberate segregation and censorship in cyberspace, visit the following links. I assure you they are very informative.


There is also a petition. I signed it as well as sent in a complaint.


Why is there a cry over this particular sector's segregation? Because Amazon has with their actions spurned even Young Adult and autobiographies that have nothing to do with gay or lesbian overtures but have left the "horrifyingly violent sport of dog fighting [to] remain ranked and appear on a first page search under “dog fighting”:" And let's not forget every father's favorite Father's day gift: “Playboy: Wet and Wild Complete Collection,” followed by “Playboy: The Complete Centerfolds,” which can also be found on the front page with no difficulty.- Credit Robin. I sure as HELL would not want my child reading either one. Funny. The last time I checked I do have that kind of parenting skill to know what I would want my child to read.

Thank you Amazon for insulting not only my mental capacity, but my parenting.

The Irony?

Not too surprisingly you can openly search for sex toys, sex games, and sexual aids. But not these books.

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