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Teri Wilson (

The Wild Rose Press

As a child, Simone Littleton adores the European folktale that animals are given the gift of speech at midnight on Christmas Eve. She makes a wish to talk to animals "forever and ever" and, when her pet Dalmatian asks her for a biscuit, she discovers her wish has been granted. Now Simone is all grown up and she uses her unique gift to rehabilitate unwanted horses. When racehorse trainer Chet Wallace rolls into San Antonio, with chocolate eyes and dimples blazing beneath his black Stetson, romantic sparks fly. He is immediately drawn to the beautiful woman who has a mesmerizing affect on both his horses and his dog, but his less than enthusiastic response to Simone's claims threatens their budding romance. It takes a scheming Jack Russell terrier and a dose of Christmas magic to convince Chet she just may be telling the truth.

“So this is why all your animals are named after artists.” Her gentle voice washed over him, soothing his nerves.
He turned and there she was, hair full of hay like always. She looked particularly welcoming today, though, wearing a soft pink sweater that hugged her curves. Her hair was on top of her head in a ponytail rather than her usual braid. He had to press down the urge to loosen the fastener and let it tumble over her shoulders in thick, blonde waves.
He gulped. Hard. Just looking at her was almost enough to take his breath away. “Happy Thanksgiving, Simone.”
She came closer, ponytail swinging, and stood next to him. Close enough so he felt almost intoxicated by the orchid fragrance. “Happy Thanksgiving. I can’t believe you painted this. It’s breathtaking. When I close my eyes and picture Buttercup in my mind, she looks exactly like this.”
It was a nice compliment. The special gleam in Chet’s eye came not from her kind words, but from the fact Simone stood close to him and looked at him in the way Ted had observed in the kitchen the night before. Yes, there was something between them all right. He felt it in every nerve ending in his body. “Thanks. It’s just a hobby really.”
“You are quite the Renaissance Man, Chet.” She punched him playfully in the shoulder. “You’re just one surprise after another. What am I going to find out about you next?”
“Well, if I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise now, would it?” His gazed locked with hers and he winked.
Do You Hear What I Hear named Fallen Angels Review Recommended Read with a 5/5 Angels rating!
"I was so enchanted with this charming tale that I read it straight through in one sitting. I loved the special affinity for animals, and Simone’s conversations with some of the animals were cute and funny. But the way some of the other people in the story treated Simone almost broke my heart; it seemed so unfair. Human nature often fears and ridicules what they don’t understand so it was very believable. This story is my first taste of the work of Teri Wilson but it will not be my last. Ms. Wilson imparts a style and spirit into her work that I love, and I want to read all her works. If you love magic, romance, and animals, Do You Hear What I Hear? is a must read Christmas story. I highly recommend this enchanting, magical tale! And as a special bonus this book promises to be just the first of a series of books by Ms. Wilson called Hoofbeats and Heartstrings. I can’t wait for the next installment!"
Reviewed by: Stephanie B., Fallen Angels Reviews
Do You Hear What I Hear named Recommended Read by CK2S Kwips & Kritiques with a 5/5 rating!
"I was totally charmed by this book from the first page. Teri Wilson creates a wonderful slate of characters, human, canine and equine, that grab your heart and won’t let go. Do You Hear What I Hear? was well developed and the perfect reading choice for the holiday season when we all need a break from the hustle and bustle and long to curl up in a soft corner with a steaming cup of cocoa and a heartwarming read. I loved the unique career that Simone had developed for herself and enjoyed all the scenes about the horse rescue ranch. While part of a series, this book stands alone.
Animal Rescue organizations have a special place in my heart, so discovering that Do You Hear What I Hear? was benefiting horse rescue was particularly gratifying. As described on the author’s website: Hoofbeats & Heartstrings is a series of romance novels celebrating love, miracles and the beauty of horses. A portion of the proceeds from all the Hoofbeats & Heartstrings novels will go directly to help horses in need at Saddlebred Rescue. For more information about this wonderful organization, you can visit their website at Do yourself, and the rescue horses benefiting from the sales of this book, a favor and pick up your copy today. You are sure to be enchanted. The second book in the series is due out in March."
Reviewed by Crystal, CK2S Kwips & Kritiques
Do You Hear What I Hear named Night Owl Romance Reviewer's Top Pick!
"Ms. Wilson has penned a wonderful story. I loved how the author came up with the creative storyline of Simone being able to communicate with animals and I was truly heartbroken with how she was treated by most people because of her special gift. I fell in love with Simone not only because of her talent with animals, but also how she was the perfect compliment for Chet. I absolutely adored the choice of names chosen for all the animals, especially the horses. I enjoyed this story so much I just couldn’t put it down. Ms. Wilson wrote every detail with a purpose and in the end, she told a beautiful story of love between humans and animals. I highly recommend this story and eagerly look forward to reading more from this author."
Diana Coyle, Night Owl Romance Book Reviews

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