Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Book Review


When Faith Wilding and Mark Halloran discovered as teenagers they could communicate telepathically, little did they know the effect it would have on their lives. They put their romance on hold while Faith built her career as a political thriller novelist and Mark fulfilled his commitment as a member of the elite Delta force. But when his mission is blown and he’s captured by terrorists, Faith is his only contact with the outside world and his only hope for rescue. But will she be able to decipher his clues, find the help she needs and rescue him in time?


A military thriller with all kinds of twists, with its own rules. The romance was decidedly lighter than I would have liked but overall the story had remarkable facets of suspense and intrigue to keep me reading. The paranormal aspect-telepathy-was definitely a well-written one and was very different from most of what I read, being the only form of communication between Faith and Mark.

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Sandy said...


Thanks for posting about Judith's story. It's definitely caught my interest.