Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Book Review

Now, I know y'all are expecting something else than this. I usually have the book, blurb, and a nice (usually) complimentary, generalized review. Today, I can't do that.

Today, to stretch my brain after finishing a massive vampire WIP and cranking out about forty pages on another story, my little brain literally said "NO MORE!" and it took a hike leaving me staring at my computer rather...well, dumbly.

So to escape this problem I grabbed ye ol' reader and hit a button. Diving into a book I've been meaning to read--why else would I buy it, right?--I am sadly disappointed. Oh, let me count the ways.

Now for the sake of the author, I'm not here to humiliate, or scorn the effort. (Note the possessive of mentioning only MYSELF here>>) I am about || <this close to throwing it against the wall, which being that it's in my reader and physically impossible without massive damage to my reader, I'm not gonna do that.

The story started out well enough with the plot right up front, believable characters and an attraction that could melt buttah. Then something happened! Oh noes!

I can accept headhopping if it's done well, with concise management between characters. What is driving me batty is not only sloppy headhopping, but inconsistent POV. (Point of view). This particular story travels from 1st (I'm fine with that) to a sub character in 3rd, then back to our heroine, in 1st again. Repeat, lather, rinse with no rhyme or reason other than the story should have been in 3rd all the way around from my point of view. Add in a seemingly lacksadasical concern about the character's personal health for the sake of that "melts buttah" attraction and I'm at a loss. The heroine is literally a slave to her lust for the hero and whenever she "thinks" she should be concerned about her situation, they boink.

Makes for a lot of boinking.

So in truth this isn't a review, but rather a note: I don't like headhopping and POV changes to this degree. We all learn something new everyday, I guess.

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