Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Book Review


For Molly Scott, everything bad in her life has happened during the Christmas season, from training bras in her stocking to being jilted by her fiancé. This year is no exception.

Ten days before Christmas, she arrives at work to find her department closed down and everyone laid off. Desperate, she takes a job for a singing telegram service and, dressed as Mrs. Claus, meets the man of her dreams--who turns out to be a nightmare--in a broken-down elevator. The Christmas Curse is right on track.


A cute Christmas, quick read story. I liked Molly's klutzy, gutsy return after being released ten days before Christmas from her not-so perfect job. Her survival before Christmas was the kind that pulled at heartstrings. Even when she ironically meets the Grinch in her life in an elevator she manages to make it through the ensuing power outage with aplomb.

The only thing that bothered me about this story was the contention point of her being fired. She tells him why she'd rather see him hung at the top of the Rockefeller tree, he explains it to us with internal thoughts, but doesn't do anything to smooth that misunderstanding between them before she, rather quickly, believes her "curse" has been banished by falling in love.

I enjoy Ms. Arkins writing on most levels. This one just seemed a little unfinished at the end.

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