Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Book Review



Go Wild, Get Wicked!

Nikki is as wicked as they come.

Yeah, right -- She's the wickedest witch you'll ever meet, if "wicked" means perky as all get out, and living off a trust fund. When her boss lays down the law, she actually has to work for a living and her world comes tumbling down. Ruining an uber geek's chance to find true love sounds easy until Gregory Hamilton shows up on her doorstep. He may be a nerd, but one look tells her this is a man with super stud possibilities.

Turning on her inner wicked, Nikki does everything she can to prove true love ain't all it's cracked up to be.


In the spirit of open disclosure, I am going to happily admit to knowing and being a friend of J. Morgan. That being said I rarely, if ever, review friend's works publicly because of this.

This book is a good reason to break that rule.

Let me say right off the bat, that Nikki is an absolute scream. A witch who can't be bad? Who can't be "evil"? Uh huh. So we find out she's going to have major problems if she can't change her happy-go-lucky lifestyle and be the "wicked witch of Lousiana". No, you're thinking of the witch from Oz. Wrong branch of the family.

Her challenge? To ruin some poor unlucky guy for True Love forever. For a gal who's lived for so long, what happens literally comes out of left field. And lands right on her doorstep. His witchly order-to please help him find his true love. A complete negative meets itself head-on as far as what she needs to keep everyone happy, and what he thinks he's paid for. He wants it, she has to keep him from finding it. Permanently. Why do bosses have to be so impossible to please?

There were some fabulous lines in this story, again showing Jmo's talent at the twisted word. "...behind door number mine." right out of the gate was enough to keep reading until the next release of hilarity, and dear Nikki has some doozies, especially with her warped inner dialogues going on. She is a witch on a mission-to make this man miserable. If she can score a little nookie on the side as a benefit, who's gonna complain? She gets to keep her Witch's Code in good health, her boss happy, and might even make her mother proud. Yeah, I know, an impossible feat. But what's a witch to do? It's time to get wicked.

With a little finesse and silliness she worms her way through two meetings with her Mr. To-Be-Miserable, then discovers working against love might not be the solution. Especially when it looks like one of her magical attempts worked!

The characters in this book were the expected "meanie"-her boss, "pushy"-her mother, "supportive"-Nob and her father, but there was nothing expected about their timing. The flow of this story made it impossible to put down. Thus another late night reading and late morning rising.

Kudos, my friend. A total "bewitching" hit. :)

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