Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Book News


Ellen Ashe

Love Not Forgotten


Publisher: Absolute XPress


Kirkland Hall is haunted. Kate Daniels, part inheritor to the estate, knows nothing of its history- that a bloody scene four hundred years ago between rival clans saw two lovers separated by murder- and that these tortured spirits had spent the centuries searching for each other. Nor does she know anything about the dark and moody ‘caretaker’, Alex MacTavish. The trip to Scotland was meant to be a holiday before selling her share of the estate back to its rightful owner.

No sooner had Kate arrived however, when she felt as though the house was not only whispering its welcome, but pleading for her help. A phantom horseman rides the moors, a ghostly fire sweeps through the corridor, a woman’s desperate screams- echoes of a brutal past- reaching through the mists of time. And as her relationship with Alex begins to deepen, Kate discovers that fate has had a hand in bringing them together- the name Daniels is interlinked with the violent history of betrayal and murder. So too, is the name MacTavish

Coming to print February 14 2009

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