Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This Week: In Diana's Head

So, this week is spring break for us here in central Texas. The boy is playing at a friend's house right now so I have quiet to get all my t0-do list done. Hah! You don't really think I've really been working, do you? Well, I have.

I posted my monthly writing article on Royal Blush Authors, this month's topic: Heroines. Want some insight on heroine development, go check out my blog post here. Heroines, and their dopplegangers.

Also on the near horizon is the release of A Trust Earned, the second book of the Aiza shifter sibling series. If you liked Trusting Delilah, Selene's story is next and she's got a few adventures of her own. In honor of this new release, I'm redoing my website and blog. They are, thankfully, complete, so now it's just a matter of when... Don't worry, there won't be that long of a wait. I want to launch them! I want to let them free on the world!! Bwahahahahaaa!

Of course, before I even reached the end of the post, the boy-child has returned from his journies down the street, and he has brought A Friend! Wish me luck to get more knocked off the to-do list.

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