Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Book Review



From the moment Jonathan Davis rang Diane Black's doorbell, mistaking her for his blind date, she knew the sexy developer couldn't be more different from her. He squired around gorgeous, flirty, dim-witted Dallas socialites, not modest investment bankers like her. Still, the man made her heart flutter under her pin-striped suit as it hadn't in years.

John was many things--a millionaire, a player, a catch. But he'd never be a husband. For him, "marriage" equaled "mistake." Diane might be the quintessential forever kind of woman, but he was confident he could avoid that trap. That is, until he kissed her.

And then, of course, there was the matter of the baby...



A modern contemporary, one of those books that Judy is so well known for. Diane Black is a strong headed modern woman, very secure in her place until John Davis shows up and throws curves her way that she never imagined she experience, much less enjoy. A very easy, fast read that had the right touch of copitulation by both characters, and proof that a modern woman can still have it all.

Both had the average blocks when it comes to relationships: not wanting to repeat history, bad childhoods, no real grounding for a loving relationship to experience, but that's life, and it does happen. It was the kind of book that when you're done, you want to hug them both and wish them the best. They deserved it.

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