Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Book Review



This short story is offered as a FREE READ by All Romance Ebooks.

Facing a painful, undignified death, Robin Allbright has given up hope. She's looking for an easy way out until a mysterious young man appears at her door and offers to show her why life is worth the agonizing battle. Can he convince Robin to make one more hard choice? Or will she choose death over love?


An amazing story for such a tight free read. Robin is terminal and knows it, has accepted that life will be denied her, but then again, she doesn't know what kind of life she should have expected. A hard childhood, a harder life, to now have it all end at the age of twenty-eight was par for the course. She even knows how to handle her own death to not be an inconvience or a burden to anyone around her. Without friends or family, she had no reason to think of it in any other way.

Until Thann shows up and does his best to convince her otherwise. Nathaniel is an angel, possessing a man's body to help Robin make her choice, be it for or against, the choice is ultimatly hers to make. Sharing "Time out of time" with her. Borrowed time in truth, he tries to explain what she could live for if she only tried. Tries to convince her that life isn't the minute time she's been living, if she'd only take the chance.

It's a free read, and well worth the few minutes to indulge in second chances. However, I may never look at Earl Gray tea the same again.

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Selah March said...

Just saw this. Thanks again for the plug. I'm so glad people are still reading this story. It's very close to my heart.

As for the Earl Grey, it's actually my favorite kind of tea, but Lynn Viehl once remarked that it tastes like soap to her, so as a tribute (since I wrote Dark of the Day as part of her 2006 ebook challenge) I incorporated her hatred for the tea in the story. :)