Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This Week: In Diana's Head


Okay, I'm a wimp. This year, the time change has really just kicked my butt. Usually, I could go right through it, no problems. Not this year. This year, that damn clock had my name on it, and it beat me up with a vengeance.

Thus the late post.

So, news on the front lines?


I'm going to New York in October!! Myself and about 30+ other paranormal genre authors are going to be holding a conference and signing in Suffern, NY. Oct 23-25. I'm excited to say the least. (I've never been to New York. Chicago is a close as I've been.) A few of the authors scheduled to be there are Sara Reinke, Sunny, Leigh Ellwood, Larissa Ione, Rosemary Laurey, Stella and Audra Price, Yasmine Galenorn and just a bunch more. There's going to be a sundae bar, a masquerade party, the signing and workshops. It's not all party, as much as my husband thinks that's all that happens at conferences. I'll be signing at least two of my books, The Eternal Kiss, and the combo duet of Trusting Delilah and A Trust Earned. For more information about schedules, attendance and how to go to this awesome event, check out the website: Authors After Dark. The details and cost for the full conference are listed on the website. The book signing on Saturday is free to the public.

Have you ever noticed how languages sound? I was thinking, something my brain does while I'm trying to fall asleep (of course!). Have you ever tried to say some of these words and not think about what they mean, just the feel the way roll of the tongue? Okay, so I didn't say what my brain did was exciting or Pulitzer-prize winning, now did I?

What about words like ambiguous?  Or dollop? Say ambiguous. Doesn't that just feel funny on the lips? What about dollop? Is that a doll's head being lopped off or what? Now gallop doesn't sound anything to me like whallop.But what is whallop, really? Is that when your SO drives you UP the WALL? Could be.

Just some non-sensical junk that entertains my brain before I clock out for the night.

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liana laverentz said...

Congratulations on going to New York! Enjoy!