Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Book Reviews





Chicago ex-socialite Amanda Delmar's father has cut her off, and now she must do the unthinkable-work. Single father Danny Tucker hires her to babysit his daughter, not knowing that this debutante might just find a place in his heart.


A comedic take on the old adage, opposites attract. Danny Tucker is the epitome of upstanding, a farmer, reliable, solid. What some, his ex-wife, may call boring but for Amanda he's perfect.

She's the spoiled rich brat, but soon finds out what real living can do for a poor rich girl's soul.

I grinned quite a few times through this, especially at their witty reparte and conversations. There was no doubt they both had the same goal, giving Piper his daughter, a sense of stability and safety after a rather unhealthy first eight years of life. There was a line or two that seemed uncharastically "not manly" but it wasn't enough to do more than make me blink.

And the image of Mr. Broad and Handsome carrying a large designer tote and a two-pound poodle was one that will stick with me for a while.

Worth a read for a touching, funny contemporary.

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