Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Book Reviews


With her voluptuous, plus-size figure, Angela Krizova knows she doesn't fit the male fantasy of the perfect woman. That's fine, because Bryan Perry isn't her idea of the ideal man, either. The gorgeous ski-bum-turned-corporate-exec is just the type she avoids like the plague.

Except he won't take no for an answer. With Bryan pursuing her as if she's the most desirable woman in Crested Butte, Angela's starting to believe it just a little herself. Is the most irresistible guy in town really falling for her? Or is he the man most likely to break her heart?


It's not often I review a Harlequin line book, only because there's SO MANY of the them, which is a good and bad thing. Good because there's always something to read, bad because there are so many of them. Can't do them all.

So why do this one?

It's the first plus-sized heroine that I can recall reading.

Angela is a great girl with a wounded heart, hiding from a relationship disaster--being stood up at the altar. She's not doing an impression of a hippopotumas, just a very svelte size 16. Honestly, I was very happy to see a realistic heroine. (When I met I my DH I was a size 16 and I was HAWT, tyvm). She's spirited, in a comfort zone though and Bryan pulls her right out of it.

Insecurities abound as can be expected when surrounded by the 'beautiful people' of the story. I really liked Bryan though. I wish more guys could let the stereotype yoke of "double digits is fat" go. Of course, he didn't see anything but her size when he first saw her either, but realized what and who she was in spite of the size she wore. The girls, were girls. Catty because they'd lost a major player. The whole story was very true to life and I was very happy to see them with a happy ending.

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