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Kerri Nelson
Whispers Publishing



Tabitha Stuart is the ultimate professional businesswoman who may live in the city that never sleeps but manages to spend her Friday nights behind the desk at the accounting firm of Donaldson & Franks.  On a snowy February night, she reminisces over her recent New Year’s resolutions.  She’s worked hard to make partner in her firm but now she’s resolved to make her personal life more exciting.  She wants to be more like her jet setter, risk taking sister.

As Tabby heads home for the night, she is abducted from her office’s parking garage and held captive by a sexy stranger named Steele.  Tall, dark and mysterious Steele takes her to his Atlantic City Casino crime boss and Tabby’s life spirals out of control.  She’s being accused of stealing a half million dollars from the casino.  She knows that she’s never been there before and that her life is in danger, she must discover why she was taken and how she has ended up in a world that is not her own. 

To survive this night, she must solve the mystery behind her abduction and escape from the clutches of the crime boss all while resisting the sexual temptations that she feels for Steele. If she makes it through the night, her life will never be the same.  Some mistakes can’t just be erased…...



Tabby was dreaming. She knew she was dreaming but she couldn’t make herself wake up. She dreamt that she was in a straitjacket and the harder she struggled to free herself, the tighter her restraints became.

She shook her head from side to side and realized that something was over her mouth. It was gagging her and she suddenly felt as if she couldn’t breathe. She fought the urge to panic and began to cough frantically. Her tongue protruded from her lips and she felt something rough and unnatural there. What was going on?

As her eyes opened and tried to focus, she saw blurry images of unfamiliar furniture and she had the chilling sensation that she was in a strange place and that someone was watching her.

Suddenly it came back to her in a flash. She remembered leaving work and her missing car. She remembered the black Mercedes and then…and then she remembered nothing.

Where was she? How had she gotten here? Who had grabbed her out of her office parking deck and what were they going to do to her?

She felt panicked again and her stomach rolled with nausea. Her eyes darted around the dim room and then she saw him. She saw a beautiful man sitting in a chair across the room from her. He watched her with a mixture of curiosity and something else. What was it? If Tabby hadn’t been such a social recluse the last few years she would have been more certain but still she thought he looked at her with lust.

She blinked her eyes rapidly to help clear the remaining fog that seemed to be blocking her vision. She tried to reach up and rub her eyes and realized her arms were bound behind her back. She looked down to see that she was still wearing her work clothes, which felt like only a small relief when she saw that her ankles were also bound to the legs of the chair.

She shook her head from side to side and felt tears begin to well up in her eyes.

“Settle down now.” She heard the smooth voice of the mystery man.

Something about his voice did seem to calm her slightly but those words weren’t enough to stop the tears from spilling over her eyes and down her cheek.

* * * *

He rose slowly from his chair and reached out to her with just one finger. She felt herself automatically flinch as his hand reached for her. He stopped his hand in midair and her dark green eyes looked up at him with what she knew was a look of pure fear.

He seemed to consider her look and then said softly, “I won’t hurt you. I promise.”

In her mind, she knew this was a promise she shouldn’t believe, but something in her heart ached to try.

He began reaching for her again and touched her cheek delicately with just his fingertip. He wiped the tears from one cheek and then the other. As he leaned over her, she could smell his scent and it smelled like evergreen trees. It smelled like back home in the country, where she’d spent her childhood. It smelled like home.

She shuddered.

He took a step back and his eyes moved over her.  “I’ll take the gag off of your mouth if you promise not to scream.”



Miss Taken receives 4 Star Review from Book Wenches!

Reviewed by Teagan

Tabby Stuart has devoted the last few years of her life to her job. She has become the first female partner at the accounting firm where she works. She has made a New Year’s resolution to lead a more exciting life, and she intends to do it. Unfortunately, she never figured on being abducted by a notorious mobster who claims she stole half a million dollars from him. Stranger yet is that Tabby has never set eyes on him before. The upside is the delicious kidnaper that is sexy as hell and seems to feel the need to protect her, even from his mob boss. If temptation were a man, it would be Steele, and Tabby is having a hard time resisting the man that took her.


Kerri Nelson's debut book Miss Taken is full of suspense and adventure and is sexy as hell. For a short story, this book packs quite a punch. I found it to be fast-paced and attention-grabbing. The interaction between Tabby and Steele is pure heat. Even if the timing is questionable, Tabby is tempted by Steele and goes after what she wants. Strong characters and steamy sex scenes make for a highly entertaining book. Steele is sexy, gorgeous, and can kidnap me anytime. No matter how short the story, Ms. Nelson is adept at keeping the reader wondering what is going to happen next. This was a short, light, and fun read, and I look forward to enjoying more books by such an entertaining author.

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