Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This Week: In Diana's Head

diana's head So it occurred to me that I've never shown off my workspace. Not here that I can recall. I know readers like to think (I know I do!) that authors work out of sunfilled atriums, draped in glorious green and flowery things, or in the pinnacle of plush pampering. It seems the more relaxing, the deeper the creative outlet, right?

Well, okay, that might be true for someone out there, but my reality is so far removed from that. I have a converted bedroom that is my office. Boxes of who knows what, bookcases stuffed--neatly at the moment, and a desk where the only clean space is right in front of the keyboard where I have to rest my arms to type. I have areas of systematic chaos. Promo in that corner. Books in the other. And me... Somewhere in the middle of the chaos.

So I thought I'd share a peak at my messy world.


And my TBR pile, which doesn't count the boxes in the garage, or the ebooks I have:


Those little drawer things? $2 clearance at Walmart. They hold a lot of my office junk, plus my discs and cables. (Note the MacGregor poster--Signed even!) I'd offer more, but then you'd really see just what a wreck my office is. LOL It is by far the worst room in the house. And actually, I do have a table in here that has plants on it. Somehow I haven't killed them, and some are several years old. Isn't that just a shocker? Greens are better. If it has flowers, it's doomed.

Thankfully, the chaos doesn't affect my creativity. I have a son and husband who do more than their fair share of disrupting that!

See you next week!


Linda Mooney said...

Been there! Seen that! LOL! How come you didn't show them the stuff in the corner?

Diana Castilleja said...

Because that's where I prop the bodies!! LOL

Luci.Calanor said...

Doesn't look too bad D! My desk is in my living room. I don't even want to consider posting a pic of that's REALLY bad...