Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This Week: In Diana's Head

diana's head Due to real life tromping all over me, I've missed several weekly updates. Hopefully, I can get back in the groove here. School starts at the end of August. I know I'm more excited than the kid is, but hey, that's to be expected. I doubt it's changed a whole lot since the time when my own mother was waiting expectantly to get rid... erm... I mean, see us on the latest stage of our educational journey.

It's been a hectic summer. I've picked up two new publishers, have several books in edits, a corrupted word file that almost sent my computer flying through the closest window and enough headaches to last until sometime in 2012. Luckily, I had a few friends who kept me just this side of sane through it all.

As with all bad news, I was thankful my week ended on a good note. Not only did my corrupted file not set my release roster back, I had my first All Romance Ebook Best Seller in July. It softened the blow of having to retype a 58K novel length story verbatim to a new file. I thought for sure my poor fingers would fall off. They can now bench press one-twenty apiece. LOL

The other wonderful news I got: A new cover! This is always exciting because I love the surprise magic of seeing a new cover come down from design. This is Unbound Trust, Book 3 of the Aiza Clan Shifter Series.

Unbound Trust_200x300 Isn't that just awesome?! This is not like the first two books, and there's a tear jerker ending that is going to shock the socks right off of you. This should hit E in October, print in November, estimated. I'll keep y'all on tab for that one.

Also, don't forget. Crowning A Warrior King --> This guy CrowningWeb will be in print this month! I'll have him in time for Authors After Dark in October! I can't wait to see this one in my hands. I just can't get over that cover. Rock my Fantasy! LOL

I've also come to realize that the best author I can be, is to be more than an author. Be an asset. Inspire and push your friends. Support your publishers to the best of your ability. That pays back in dividends so much higher than sales. Learn publishing enough to understand the industry you want your career in. Support your author sisters and brothers. Even if you can't spend oodles of money, a well meant hug, an honest cheer for a review will come back for you. And ultimately stay positive, in any work you do. It's not always easy, and some days it's more impossible than snow in July. Just know, it does pay off. It does circle back around when you need it most. Just remember, the opposite doesn't turn a blind eye to your efforts. Be an asset first, and the rest will come.

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Linda Mooney said...

WooT! Love the new Aiza cover! Gorgemous! :D