Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday's here. That means...

My last excerpt.... Ahhh. Don't cry! Really... I'm sure I'll be doing this again, and even so, there's always free reading and excerpts on my sites. Sites? Yes. I said sites.

Lemme 'splainz. hehehe

I recently sold a book to Liquid Silver Books. The catch? It ain't sweet mainstream. So... I went with a nom de plume, a pen name to separate the works. It's still me, still romance through and through, but... Well, you knew there had to be one. *wink*

The difference is these works are steamy and as much as I'd love to give you the full details of this newest and latest trip I seem to be taking, I can't. Not here. So I have a new site for this new name that is a new me.

Please look for the hotter side of moi at Diana DeRicci's new pad. Trust me, you can't miss the place. It's sultry and just sparkly enough to make you smile that knowing smile and nod, because you know, you get it.I'll be posting excerpts, covers and news for that work on that site, and if you ever lose the link, it's in my side bar, right over there. --->


A few have asked the question: To hide or not to hide?

Honestly, I don't feel I need to hide that it's me. I want people to find all of my works, but I don't want people to mistake one kind for the other, thus the two names. if anyone ever has a question about this, I'm only an email away. (No, that doesn't mean I want to hear about how Jesus can save me [I am Christian, thank you] or how writing about it will rot my brain. That train has already left the station, folks.)

So with this "unveiling" of my alter-ego (really it's just doubling the workload for my muse.Trust me on this one. LOL) I am sharing my new site information with all of you. I hope if you've enjoyed this week, my writing, and my stories, that you'll check out my other site. Even if steamier work doesn't "do it" for you, that's totally fine with me. I'm glad to have this chance to share my news and my books with you.


So without further delay... Friday's Excerpt!




The first one is always one we remember.... *wipes up a nostalgic tear*


She was cleaning the ice cream scoops and wiping down the counter when they entered nearly an hour later. She was even more confused to see them both smiling.

“Mom, I’m going to go see Mr. Tipple. I’ll see you in a bit,” Jacob called out, not waiting for her response. She waved as he bounded back out the door.

Brick leaned against the counter with a bemused expression as she worked. His prolonged silence began to grate on her already stretched nerves. Finally, she threw the towel onto the counter, unable to take it any longer. “What do you want? Don’t you have someone’s arms to twist somewhere?”


She huffed at him. “So you’re just going to stand there and watch me, is that it?”


“You have absolutely nothing better to do with your day?”

“Actually, I do, but it involves you anyway.”

“What are you talking about?” Agitated, she ran her hand down the front of her smock.

“I think your son, the man, has just given me permission to date his mother.” His eyes twinkled, making the deep blue sparkle like a midnight sky.

She startled visibly at that. “Excuse me? Sorry, but I don’t date.” She wiped at the counter in wide, vicious circles. She was going to have to talk to Jacob. Again. What she'd told him did not give him express permission to set her up.

Brick shrugged. “That’s what he said.”

Jessie fisted her hands on her hips. “Oh, really? Just a fountain of information about his dear old mom, I guess.” She wasn’t sure what irritated her more—the fact they'd discussed her social life, or the fact that the conversation had been between her son and the one arrogant man she found herself completely attracted to.

“Will you come out from behind there?” Her head snapped up in confusion at the silky, velvet tone he used. She hesitated, battling her indecision. His look was concerned when he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Lifting the back of her hand to her forehead to push away stray hair, she eyed him carefully. “I didn’t sleep well last night.”

“Why?” He reached over and pushed the stubborn lock of hair back for her a second time. Tingles shot down her spine when his fingers slowly brushed her skin.

“Bad dreams. Nothing, really.” But she couldn’t look up at him.

He lifted his hand to grip her chin and bring it gently upward to meet his gaze. “What kind of dreams?” His voice had dropped to a husky whisper that caressed her, making her heart skip.

“Nothing,” she insisted, but her tongue almost tripped on the word.

“It must have been something if you lost sleep over it.” His thumb stroked her cheek as he cradled her face in his palm. His comforting touch only confused her more.

“I can’t go out with you,” she blurted. Her eyes widened, shocked at her own words.

His lips curved in gentle understanding at her outburst. “I haven’t asked you to. Not yet, anyway.” He angled his head, looking into her eyes. “You were hurt by the way Arthur treated you, weren’t you?”

She jerked herself out of his hypnotic hold. “What happened doesn’t matter.” Taking a deep breath, Jessie stepped back, putting space between them. “I don’t date because I choose not to, and to protect Jacob. I will not give him an amoral picture of relationships.” She decided to let her prickly attitude speak for itself, but he didn’t seem to even notice.

Brick crossed his arms in front of his chest, leaning his hip against the counter again. “I believe you. He knows he’s partly responsible, but he doesn’t want to be the only reason, if, in fact, he is.” She stood, unblinking, for several breaths before he continued. “I want to kiss you again.”


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Thank you again for hanging out with me this week! I've really enjoyed everyone stopping by, and as a final thank you, I'm drawing a lucky winner from ALL of the posts for the week to win a  book of their choice from my current list! I'll be drawing that person tomorrow (give or take a few hours)


Thanks for sharing this week with me!


Grace Tyler said...

Diana, I enjoyed every excerpt. You are blessed with a great talent, and best to you on however you choose to express it.

Caffey said...

Wow, I can't believe the week's over! I so hope you do this again, and other chatting. I really looked forward to coming each day.

This excerpt was so good, it sounds like its going to be another emotional read. I can feel already how tough this will be emotionally for Jessie and Brick already is in that excerpt, a great hero. I have to double check if I got this or not. I think I did and if so I got to put it in my reader. I think I did get it after reading the Christmas one!

HOLIDAY MAGIC was just so a moving read! I remember meeting you in chat when you spoke about this book. I got it like that same evening and read it on the weekend night. Thats the one with the boy who's deaf in it right. That one tugged my heart because I felt a connection to him in ways and now I'm all lost for words! I didn't read much mainstream romance but after reading the Christmas one, I so wanted to read more of yours.

Thanks again for your beautiful books you write.

Diana Castilleja said...

Thank you Grace! You're very kind. :)

Cathy you're just awesome! I'm so glad you enjoyed my books. Brick and Jessica will always be dear to me.

I know what you mean about the Christmas story. I read them all the time and forget that I wrote them, to just enjoy them. :)

Karen said...

Love the excerpt. I already like the characters!


Maggie Toussaint said...

I enjoyed your excerpt, Diana. Congrats on your new alter identity. Do you like have a phone booth where you switch off to the hotter, leaner you???

Diana Castilleja said...

~~~Do you like have a phone booth where you switch off to the hotter, leaner you???~~~

This just cracked me up Maggie! I wish I had a handy phone booth to get a leaner me! I'd never switch back! hahaha!!!

Grace Tyler said...

Cracked me up, too! Especially as the reason I have a pen name is to be a Super Hero.