Thursday, July 3, 2008

My December Release: His Master Plan

Congratulations to: Phoebe Jordan!

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Okay, so here it is Thursday... Wow... Where did this week get to? It's been a lot of fun but we're not done! Heh, look ma, I rhymed! LOL Today, I'm giving you a taste of my first contemporary release with Whiskey Creek Press, HIS MASTER PLAN.


Here's the skinny on it:

Elizabeth Whitten has a few problems with men. She has learned from experience they are untrustworthy and unable to commit to just one woman. Her father was a prime example. Her just dumped boyfriend was another. She refuses to be taken for a ride any longer. Being alone is better than being used and cheated on.

When Dan Masters returns to Somerset, the memories of his flirtatious innuendoes at their first meeting and the interruption of his wife have already labeled him in Elizabeth's book. But Dan isn't quite ready to let her slip passed his radar. Life has taken a downhill turn for Dan, and when the last thing he was looking for winds up being the best thing he's ever found, he goes after Elizabeth with the tenacious personality that marked his career and makes him the man he is.





Friday morning, El was sitting at her desk, frowning at the returned proposal. Some people had no sense of class or taste when it came to decorating. Shabby chic if not done well, was just, well…trashy. She shuddered at the images her clients had returned with the proposal.

She personally didn’t have a problem seeing a job she didn’t agree with completed. It wasn’t her job to agree with every desire and wish, but she refused to attach her name to something this God-awful. She would meet with them again and try to change their direction. Otherwise they could shop at the huge discount store and accomplish the exact same look and save thousands of dollars and her effort.

“El, Sharon is on the phone. Are you going to the open house tomorrow night?” Alicia called.

“Yeah, I’ll be there,” she shouted without looking up. She ignored the shadow that fell over her door, thinking it was Alicia. But her head snapped up with shock when his voice penetrated her thoughts of the proposal from Hell.

“Let Sharon know I’ll be there too. I need to talk to some of her guests.” His voice was whiskey smooth and deep. And it sent a shiver clear down to her toes.

“Will do,” she heard Alicia say. But she couldn’t pick up anything else as he sauntered into her office and hunkered down in one of her leather chairs. He sat and smiled like he had every right to be there. And technically, she guessed, he did. He was a client.

“Hi,” he said, a soft sound that vibrated through her.

She swallowed. “Hello.”

He held his hands in front of him as he crossed his legs at the ankle. She admired his lean legs with quick glances as he settled himself deeper, as if for a long stay. At least it didn’t seem his knee was bothering him. His lips curved up when he caught her wandering gaze, a sexy twist that made her stomach clench.

She picked up the pages before her, purposely keeping space between them as she returned them to the client folder. When he didn’t seem predisposed to enlighten her, she asked, “Is there something I can do for you?”

“Always,” he whispered, a soft glow in his gaze. “But for now, I need your professional expertise.”

“I haven’t been fired?” She stilled, surprised as his voice swam over her.

“No. And you can’t quit.” He pulled a slip of paper from his hip pocket. “My mother has asked a favor. I told her what an incredible knack you have and she wants this.”

She reached for the scrap, trying to avoid his touch but couldn’t. His heat arced through her like a lightning bolt. She forced her gaze to focus on the writing while she waited for her heart to quiet, but it didn’t get the chance. She swallowed as the painting and artist hit her. “But it’s impossible to find this artist! It’ll cost a fortune.”

His brow lifted. “If you don’t think you can do it…” He reached for the paper.

She sat back quickly, yanking her hand away from his grasping fingers. “I didn’t say I couldn’t do it,” she huffed. “But it isn’t going to be cheap, and it will take some time.” She found her bottom lip and held it between her teeth.

“Mom asked for it for her birthday. I told her someday I would. Now I can.” He gave her a meaningful stare. “I have you, my genie, to help me.”

She chewed on her lip again. “How long do I have?”

He waved a hand. “As long as it takes. She won’t be disappointed if it isn’t found. She knows the value of the painting. The artist is among her favorites. Mom has a lot of her work.”

“She’s not alone on that,” Elizabeth said, distracted. She racked her brain. Where to start? Who might have it? “How much?” she asked absently.

“As much as is reasonable for the value of the painting. I trust your judgment,” he told her calmly.

She gaped at him. “Including the appraisal and insurance, you’re looking at well over a hundred grand.” She’d had requests before, but not for something as obscure as this painting. They were flourishes of color; the animals—horses, tigers, griffons, and dragons were stunning if memory could be trusted.

He nodded once. “I figured that.” When she caught his grin, he appeared surprisingly pleased. His eyes glittered with a secret light as he told her, “So now you can’t quit. And my mother would hang me if I fired you.” His grin deepened as he kept her gaze captive. He stood with fluid grace, his parting shot seductive on his lips. He leaned over her desk, arms spread wide, giving her a great view of his chest. “Now I get to see you tomorrow night. And I can’t wait,” he whispered before he strode back out her door.



Watch for my first WCP release in December!


Caffey said...

Oh December is too far away! LOL. I loved the peek into HIS MASTER PLAN. I'm figuring it out a bit already! Oh Elizabeth sounds like she's been so scarred from relationships, that he will really have to give her alot for him to trust Dan. I assume that was him in the excerpt and she didn't recognize him nor he tell her who he was. I did love how he just flowed in with it all so smoothly!

Too congrats on your book with Whiskey Creek Press!! Will they put this in print as well? I know they do for quite a few books there. I hope its the beginning of more to come from there!

Caffey said...

Too, congrats Phoebe!

Diana Castilleja said...

I'm hoping this one will be able to go to print.

Elizabeth starts in the book a frozen, emtional wreck, and Dan isn't all that stable either after a bloody divorce. It's a very emotional read (for me anyway LOL). I think you'd really like this one.

And thanks so much for visiting this week. I'm sure I'll be doing this again. :)