Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Muse... anyone seen her?

The hubster is on vacation. He goes back to work tomorrow. It's been nice having him home. We did a few day trips while he was on vacation this time. Took the boy fishing, went to Fredericksburg and just basically lazed. It is summer after all.

But the problem is, I don't think my muse likes when he's home all day. When he's at work, I can sometimes write, but then she shuts up from when he gets home in the evening until bedtime and I try to write for a bit before I pass out myself. When he's at home, she falls off the planet. It doesn't help that he comes and reads over my shoulder. Officially this doesn't bother me. It depends on the content. He has this talent of coming in when I'm writing sex, regardless of how hot. How does he do that? The boy does it too, which doubles the challenge. *sigh*

My muse and I actually have a great relationship. Her name's Olivia, she's a bit of a spoiled goddess, but she's kind of cool too. I mean, how many five foot ten dark blondes do you know who wear a toga to the "office" and can lounge on a floating lounger looking thing with an ottoman and not be worried about her feet look in strappy sandals? Yeah. Me neither.

But right now she's not really around. I'm hoping she comes back when the man goes back to work tomorrow.


Grace Tyler said...

Maybe she's hanging out with Capn Hack, drinking all the rum. I sure wish Capn Hack would return and put on his Capn Jack costume again.

I HATE when DH reads over my shoulder when I'm doing anything. "I'm just trying to get involved in your life, since it's all on the computer." Good gravy.

Diana Castilleja said...

"Good Gravy"... I thought I was the only who said that! LOL

I know. He doesn't even do it under the pretense of trying to do more with me and my writing. It's simply to annoy me. I'm entertaining when I'm annoyed apparently. LOL

I don't know where she is, but she does this a lot when he's home, which is why I don't think she likes him all that much. :)

Capn Hack huh? LOL Jack did restore my adoration in the rapscallion pirates, that's for sure.

Barefootbelle said...

My husband knows better than to read over my shoulder. A soon as he walks into the room I'm tense no matter what I'm writing (or not writing.) Now he knocks even if the door's open.

Diana Castilleja said...

At least he knocks. :) I can't train mine to do that. *sigh*